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Oil on the water

Eyes on the machine

Chewing gum on the asphalt

Bow ties on the knee caps

Feet under ground

Black hole romance

Fingering in the dark

One more of before you go

Wake up lonely

Empty refridgerator

Boy choire absolution

Premature ejaculation

Tinnitus chique

Spider chest groupies

Summer in the city

Kamikaze economy

Capitalist pig legs

Idealist conspiracy

Questionable body functions

Unconditional demands

European standards

Basement slumber

Under water breathing

Night vision goggles


Garbage heap memorabilia

Sentimentality without borders

Museum of embarrasing moments

So you think you can dance?

Recycled anxiety

Immence love and understanding

Sharing is caring

Together we are stronger

Together we are more beautiful

Home sick tourism

Gay is ok

Lesbian beach

Mother’s milk

Father of a nation

Children are the future

Broken family values

Chemical marriage


The emperial suite

Champagne and strawberries

Single malt whisky

Portrait of a young man

Smoking a cigar

Ass and tits

Proportionate dicks

Glimpse of flesh

Behind the curtain

Tipping the velvet

Smelling the roses

Walking the horses

Feeding the masses

Washing the sheets

Doing the dishes

Cleaning the house

Taking out the trash

Leaving the building

Crossing the street

The grand finale

One last of before it’s too late

Too late

You must remember this

(For Fijuk-magazine, summer 2011)