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Anna Ehrlemark is a comic artist, illustrator and linguist. She lives in Gothenburg, but has been known to move a lot. She started drawing with the Croatian comic bandits KOMIKAZE and worked as a designer and organizer for Kud Mreža and Menza pri Koritu in the cultural center ACC Metelkova mesto in Ljubljana. From 2012 one of the hands behind the Novo Doba festival in Belgrade and a spider in the Fijuk network of comic artists around the Adriatic sea.

She also does some other things, such as collective performance art together with swedish ÖFA-kollektivet, organizing the queer-feminist festival Red Dawns in Ljubljana and construction grammar research at the University in Gothenburg.

Anna’s comics and illustrations have been published in Hopital Brut (France), Happiness Comix (USA), GRIDLords (USA), Kovra (Spain), AltCom (Sweden), Tribuna (Slovenia), Symposion (Serbia), Alkom’X (France), Komikaze (Croatia), Crack (Italy), Stripburger (Slovenia), STRIPOVI/СТРИПОВИ (France), Galago (Sweden), Zarez (Croatia), Beli Sladoled (Slovenia), Brand (Sweden), Balcanis (Slovenia), Slovenski klasiki (Slovenia), Independent Illustrators Slovenia (Slovenia)


Contact: ehrlemark(at)


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