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Ventre de femme

Prologue is a new comic I made for YOKOGAGA’s beautiful zine Ventre de femme, debuting on F.O.FF Angouleme last weekend. The comic is a prologue to the sisters-story, or an epilogue to the story about how the desperate bitch got so rich. Probably it will all culminate on reality television.

Order Ventre de femme from Yokogaga (8€ + port), 50 pages of comics and illustrations by  Sarah Fisthole, Eéléonore Lebidois, Alice Assouline, Serpent Vision, Marta Ka, Juliette Bensimon Marchina, Dunja Jankovich, Anna Ehrlemark, Pole Ka, Tristan des limbres, Chloé Matthiez, Marlène Archer, Bipède, Mai-Li Bernard, Sylvie Villepontoux, Massicot and Yokogaga herself.