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The people of Gunnerhulu

The concept of work was unknown to the Gunnerhulu people. There was no compensation for effort and no exchange of goods other than gifts. In fact – very few activities that could be labelled as “work” were carried out at all. Most of the time (“time” – another unknown idea to the Gunnerhulu) they spent creating elaborate hair styles for each other.

The people of Gunnerhulu, short comic for the new GRIDlords anthology Other Worlds from Portland, Oregon. Including original work by Kevin Hooyman, Max Clotfelter, Dunja Jankovic, Rebecca Artemisa, Daria Tessler, Darin Shuler, Theo Ellsworth, Sophie Franz, Anna Ehrlemark, Nusha Ashjaee, Elizabeth Pusack, Fiona Avocado, Graham Kahler, Ryan Iverson, Kelly Froh, Joel Statz, Matt Lockm Marsuplala, Luke Forsyth, Sean Christensen, Jesse McManus & Lillie & Asher Craw.