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Small Press Map

One year ago on Crack festival (2012) I and the Fijuk team decided to take a closer look on the conditions for the small press scene in Europe and interviewed some of the publishers for the Small Press Map. The compressed interviews with just a fraction of the scene shows a persistent, idealistic and hard working guild. When asking for clean facts about the conditions and infrastructure behind their work we wanted to reveal the skeleton behind the fur, peak into the machine and see how it works. We are all depending on the network for motivation and support. Artists draw, publishers publish and images travel.

Download and read the Small Press Map here. (Cover illustration by Bernharda Xilko)

Featuring: Strane Dizione (San Severino Marché), Vetomat (Berlin), Czentrifuga (Berlin), Palefroi (Berlin), Buraco (Porto), Greenager (Rome), Fantastick (Rome), Maik (Hamburg), Le Garage L (Forcalquier), Le Dernier Cri (Marseille), Kuš (Riga), Chili com carne (Lisboa), Peow!studio (Stockholm), Oficina Arara (Porto), Vera Suchankova Kolekcija (Lisboa), C’est bon kultur (Malmö), Wormgod (Malmö), Arbitraire (Lyon), Lök (Bologna), Fremok (Bruxelles), Vertebrale (Paris), Komikaze (Zagreb) and Stripburger (Ljubljana).