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Love never ends

Comic for the 4th festival of non-aligned comics Novo Doba – Love never ends.

love ends. when we kill it, when we let it die, when it turns into respect and a social contract in front of witnesses in the town hall, when we don’t feel it and still say the words, talking without feeling, then love dies, ends, i guess. love ends when we love ourselves more than the other person and when we love the love itself. these are momentary, small impulses that stir ever so slightly the ocean of infinity between two biologically bounded beings. love does not exist when it is limited by time, space, changes, a condition, it doesn’t exist even though it may be perceived by the third side, but then, that’s love among the three and it’s not the subject-matter of this festival. io te amo, je t’aime, yo te amo, ich liebe dich…your name means love in all the languages of the world. (…)

From the festival manifesto – Radovan Popović/Raša